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      The Indian Musical traditions is one most ancient highly developed & sophisticated in the World, Since Musical skills are handed down from generation to generation (guru to disciple) in a largely oral manner, it is difficult for non-indian' s to fully appreciate its variety and richness. The Guru (Teacher) performs each piece again and again, since there is no system of notation make the disciple (Student) remember it. Some disciple practice a single piece for years until they master it.

      The skills required to produce musical instruments are like wise handed down from father to son in the grand tradition of craftsmanship, it has been impossible for this to become a mass production industry because there were no machines or automatic tools which can be used to make them. Hence the art of making instruments became a family business.

      Harbhagwan Das Dhawan who came to India at the time of partition, belongs to a family Master craftsman's who produced musical instruments. As the need of musical instruments grew, He established him self in Meerut in the 1940's The "ORIENTAL MUSIC PALACE" grew out of early actives; After passing away of Harbhagwan Dhawan, his son Onker Nath Dhawan is running the business and is Master of the fine art of making musical instruments. Onkar Nath's son Rajesh Dhawan is a performing musician, concentrates on Sitar and plays a crucial role in helping his father check the tonal quality of the instruments. In the making of Indian Musical Instruments, The craftsman and his skills are of primary importance since none the work is aired out with the aid of machine tools, such as chisels, knives and traditional non-mechanical drills. Most Indian Musical instruments are made of wood and only an experienced, mature worker knows what kind of wood is to be used, how it is seasoned and then transformed into piece of art. Only a talented craftsman can know the minute details of the Instruments, so that it yields the best tonal Quality.

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"Established in 1950 we at Oriental Music Palace are serving the society of India with musical instruments and related services like repair and restoration"

We heve a high name as related to Musical instruments due to our quality work and experience over the years

  • Professional Sarangi Maker Rajesh Dhawan Browse through to learn more about the famous music instrument of India.
  • Rajesh is a renowned name all over the world amongst the sarangi playing sector of music society, for making special professional quality sarangi instrument. Rajesh is the CEO of Oriental Music Palace situated at Meerut India .
  • We are authourised dealers of many high brands like GIBSON,YAMAHA,CASIO,ROLAND,FENDER,KORG.

Prominent among the several laurels received are Winner of certificate for instrument making in 2003, and doing workshops with Sangeet Natak Academy Delhi in India & Tashkent Uzbekistan. Have made Sarangis for Many Great Sarangi Maestro's And their students mainly Pt Ramnarayan, Pt Dhruba Ghosh, Pt Bharat Bhushan Goswami, & many others.


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Meerut 250 001


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